If you are not a person who gets distracted by too many hands running across your back during a spa treatment, this massage might be the one you are looking for next time you visit Four Seasons Orlando Spa. Four-Hand Massage Meaning! You simply get two therapists working on your body simultaneously. Supposedly with a correlating pressure and technique. This massage is by far one of the favorite ones for many folks out there. They like the idea that they get “twice the benefit” for the same duration. While this statement might be true, it’s worth knowing that for a four-hand massage to be enjoyable, let alone beneficial, each two hands have to know exactly what the other two hands are doing! Any variance in pressure or technique might feel odd or even uncomfortable. Four Seasons Orlando Spa offers best in class therapists, and you can always count on them! Nevertheless, if you really haven’t made a promise to your great grandma that one day you’ll grow up and book yourself a four-hand massage, don’t. There are plenty of other wonderful body treatments that you can choose from. This massage is available for: 50 Minutes | $350 110 Minutes | $670

Four-Hand Nirvana Massage at Four Seasons Orlando Spa.

Four Seasons Orlando Spa Nirvana Four Hand Massage